Scott Brown

Graphic Designer & Front End Web Designer/Developer

About Me:

I'm a frustrated perfectionist (because nobody's perfect) that isn't happy unless he's going 200mph, burning the candle at both ends. My passions are problem solving, music, art and design. A rare creative and technical person, I've got both halves of my brain in tune. I love tinkering with the technical that allows me to be creative, computers, musical equipment, small electronics and woodworking.

On the weekends I entertain myself by running sound for a hard rock cover band, hiking, climbing, tasting wine, spending time with my son Daniel, or sleeping in trying to recover from it all. I play drums, guitar, keyboards and sing but haven't been a musician in a band for a while. I've played drums in Blues bands and a recent original band that was Hip-Hop Jazz Funk Punk. My big secret that I never tell anybody is that I used to travel the country following the Grateful Dead. Yes I was a "Deadhead".

My Job:

I'm a self-starter. I've paid my dues at the bottom by being a graphic designer and front end web developer at local newspapers, print shops, and small IT companies. Experience is king. It allowed me to move up to working at a large web service provider and a high-profile advertising agency where I refined my skills by watching my mentors closely. I would estimate that in the last 20 years I've desgined and developed over 300 websites. I've designed and built websites for both "Mom 'n Pop" and "Corporate America". In my work I pride myself on solving my client's problems, meeting their needs, and forging lasting relationships with them. A happy client is a repeat client.

Scott's Bucket List

  • Skydiving
  • Whitewater Raft/Camping trip through the Grand Canyon
  • Roadie for a high profile rock band
  • Re-visit Europe and do the backpack train tour
  • Brew my own Belgian Trappist style ale
  • Visit an Island in the Carribean