Nicole Dicks

Senior Account Executive

About Me:

I like to think that I’ve been extremely lucky.

I married my soul-mate I met in college, have two wonderful, funny kids (Caitlyn and Trey) and have surrounded myself with family and friends that inspire and support me on a regular basis.

If I’m not working, I’m enjoying the outdoors on a bike trail, playing tennis, or spending time with loved ones over good conversation and a glass of wine. I like to camp and fish (and even bait my own hook, thank you!) and wish I had more time to travel. With a son that plays ice hockey and a family that loves to play golf, we typically stay busy year-round. 

My Job:

After college, I was part of a start-up company and learned all aspects of the business. That’s the first time I knew I loved the entrepreneurial spirit. Titles aren’t important to me - people and teamwork make a company successful. I believe “attitude is everything” and once you set your mind to doing something, you can achieve it. This is especially true when you have a supportive, hard-working team you can depend on. Having the opportunity to work at Cork Tree Creative with driven, creative people is a dream come true for me and there’s nothing more important than loving what you do every day.

I feel my greatest strengths are my communication skills, creative writing ability and desire to help my clients create successful marketing programs. I research, learn, and brainstorm with my clients (who often become friends), ultimately sharing their same aspirations for business growth.

Nicole's Bucket List

  • Visit Greece and surrounding Islands
  • Scuba dive all the major reefs
  • Turn my journals into a best-selling novel
  • Be a pianist in a swanky piano bar
  • Take a hot air balloon ride with Kurt
  • Actually FINISH one of my numerous paintings and SELL IT!