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Search engine optimization, or SEO, and social media marketing are relatively new ways to market your business. Advertising has changed considerably since Darrin Stevens went to work at the ad agency "McMann and Tate" on the beloved sitcom Bewitched! However, how strategic marketing happens today could be considered “a little magical” - the internet has given businesses worldwide access to more consumers…AND more competition - especially in metropolitan areas, such as St. Louis. Today, strategic online advertising involves keyword research and proper website design to not only compete but be successful in a global economy.

The way your website is written plays a big role in how well it ranks in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more

Did you know that how you format and write your website can help determine where you end up on an internet search page? If you want your consumers to find your business at the top of the Google, Bing or Yahoo! search, usage of proper keywords and links to your website is a necessity. Not only do websites need to look good, they also have to be functional in order to drive traffic to your website. The website design team at Cork Tree Creative specializes in offering clients throughout the country, as well as our St. Louis website design clients, affordable SEO solutions customized to meet their ever-changing needs.

Use our SEO and Social Media Management team in St. Louis to advance your online advertising

Cork Tree Creative’s team of creative writers will also help your business generate brand buzz on social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Depending on your specific industry, there are other social networks like Pinterest or Houzz that can also generate leads for your business. Are you a home decorator that wants to grow your business or expand nationally? Cork Tree Creative can help you determine what to post to your social media marketing sites, how often, and we know the tools needed to move your website from the third page to the first page on search engines! Want to improve your Bing, Yahoo! and Google search engine marketing efforts? It's time to give Cork Tree Creative a call!

Search engine optimization tips: To leverage your website’s SEO ranking, blogging is also an important piece of the SEO puzzle. Business owners that frequently update their social media marketing sites with industry advancements, new product releases, and newsworthy items that chronicle their business endeavors also increase their search engine optimization. Twitter doesn’t allow users to elaborate efficiently with its restrictions on characters so it’s best to combine your tweets with press releases as well as blogs.

So, ask yourself St. Louis. . . Is your website design working for you? Have key terms been added to your website to achieve effective SEO?

Our St. Louis-based website design company can create SEO friendly pages within your website and link them to your social media marketing sites, sharing the content between all media outlets, so you can spend time growing your business elsewhere. Your website performance can be improved with tools that our social media marketing and search engine optimization specialists provide, sharing with you the best SEO practices available. We work to achieve the best SEO strategy for you by implementing your key terms that best reflect your unique business. 

SEO really isn’t magic – it’s a very analytical, effective technique for optimizing your website and sharing your company’s products or services with a greater audience. Isn’t it time for your business to take advantage of SEO and social media marketing to enhance your brand and website design performance?

Check Your Website!

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